Sunday, 5 April 2009

Mobile app to promote Jack Daniels Backstage events

With the collaboration of Jack Daniels and Universal McCann you can enjoy the privileges of a true Rock Star and find your way to the exclusive Jack Daniel’s “Backstage” parties.

Find out how much of a Rock Star you are, by taking the simple JD’s quiz. You can also jam with your friends using the “Haz tu música” section that allows you to compose your own tunes using the guitar, drums and piano.

Gather your friends and each of you can choose a different instrument and form your own mobile music band! In the “Backstage” section, after selecting a town closest to you, you will know the dates and places of the exclusive Jack Daniel’s “Backstage” parties.

The application was developed by Golden Gekko and is currently only available in Spanish. It can be found on as well as various appstores including Mobile9:

The application is available for the top 250 Java devices in Spain as well as the iPhone in the next week or so.

Let’s Rock!

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